Super hunts

Unlike most premier preserve hunts across the country, at Timberghost you can shoot the buck of a lifetime without worrying about POR brackets or size-based trophy fees. Instead, you can simply enjoy the adrenaline coursing through your veins without wondering if you can afford to pull the trigger. Thanks to over a decade of industry-leading property management that produces the largest and prettiest-framed bucks in the country, the sky’s the limit on what you might see during your hunt. With giant typicals scoring over 220 SCI and non-typicals exceeding the 400 SCI mark, embrace the rush when the buck of your dreams walks in front of you during one of these season-opening trips.

TROPHY hunts

Get caught up in the exhilaration and thrill of the hunt. Taking place immediately following Super Hunt season, Trophy Hunts at Timberghost are what the preserve at Timberghost is managed for—an abundance of mature and world-class deer! Bucks scoring over 200 SCI are only on the low end of what you can find here. With average trophies scoring in the 240-260 range, it is not uncommon for you to experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime when you come upon a buck at over 250 SCI and sometimes over 300 SCI. Enjoy an incredible whitetail hunting experience all throughout trophy season whether you are stand-hunting over food plots, rattling an old bruiser out of the thickets, or still-hunting the endless maze of ridges and bottoms, you and your guide will explore some of the finest habitat in the nation.


Enjoy an exclusive whitetail archery hunt chasing monster Iowa bucks without drawing tags and with better odds than free range hunts can provide. These weeks are geared for archery hunting and center around the famous Midwestern rut. Enjoy a fully-guided hunt exploring beautiful habitat at a time of year when every bowhunter strives to be in the woods. There are over 40 ladder stands and several ground blinds set up on primary travel corridors in and around bedding areas as well as food plots. We have active trail cameras on the property throughout the year, so you and your guide can discuss scouting information and the best stands for current wind conditions. You can expect to be hunting for bucks in the 180 to over 200 SCI with deer taken well over 275 SCI every year. This is an incredible opportunity to hunt for truly monster Midwestern bucks—the possibilities are limitless!

SELECT hunts

Hunt a world-class mature deer that is anything but a management buck. Just because these hunts are for bucks under 170 SCI doesn’t mean you should expect less focus, less effort, or less enjoyment during your time at Timberghost. Our guests return year after year to enjoy what has affectionately become known as their Iowa deer camp. Since our trophy hunts are considered anything over 200, these hunt packages can be upgraded if you see an old bruiser you simply can’t let walk. Upgrades are priced in the field based on age, look, and score, but they will generally be an additional 500-4,000 dollars for bucks between 170 and 210 SCI.


For over 20 years, Timberghost has provided hunters of all skill levels with elite, all-inclusive and unforgettable whitetail hunting experiences. Based out of Mediapolis, Iowa, the staff at Timberghost invites you to hunt trophy whitetail deer, explore thousands of acres of hunting ground, and relax in our premier lodge.


Sprawling sanctuaries of native prairie grass, mazes of wooded hollows, meandering creeks, and hundreds of feet of elevation changes make our ranch a perfectly nurtured habitat for both our whitetail herd and seasoned whitetail hunter. While our focus is on managing and maintaining the habitat for most of the year, in season, we are focused on making sure our guests have an unforgettable hunting adventure.

Whether hunting from the large, enclosed blinds set up on a primary food plot, a comfortable ladder stand on travel corridors in the timber, or on foot playing cat and mouse among the ridges and thick creek bottoms, our incredible habitat and herd of world-class Midwestern whitetail ensure a challenging and authentic hunting experience for even the most seasoned whitetail hunter.