Iowa Whitetail Hunting Outfitters

Timberghost has served as one of Iowa’s premier hunting outfitters since our beginning. Let us outfit your hunting trip so you can have an experience of a lifetime. The guides do all the scouting, setting stands, and transporting of hunters so you can focus on the buck in your sights. While many hunters prefer utilizing their own gear and weapons, we do have custom muzzleloaders and rifles you may borrow if you simply do not want the hassle of traveling with a firearm.  

Timberghost Packing List

We realize every hunter packs differently and may or may not need or want to bring everything listed below, but we have a packing list for you to consider when packing for your trip.  Please take a look and pack appropriately to make your hunt a fun and enjoyable experience. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to answer them. 

General Items for Your Trip

  • Gun/bow and proper ammunition/arrows (don’t forget your release if archery hunting)
  • Quality binoculars
  • Range finder (especially if archery hunting)
  • Shooting sticks (recommended for gun hunters)
  • License and tags received from the Iowa DNR (Free Range only)
  • Archery hunters should bring a screw-in bow hanger and a bow rope (we try to make sure all stands have these, but sometimes they end up missing or squirrels chew the ropes so it is best to simply have these in your packs just in case)
  • Archery hunters need to bring a safety vest or harness (we have lifelines at most stands, but you need to make sure to bring your own safety vest/harness to hook into them)
  • Any personal hunting equipment and gear (i.e. grunt tube, scents, rattle bag/antlers, etc.)
  • Headlamp or small flashlight (we prefer the red lights over the green as it is our experience that deer will tolerate the red light more than the green)
  • Weather-appropriate camo clothing—camo gloves, face mask and head wear (rain gear is recommended)
  • Long underwear and warm socks
  • Hand and foot warmers (for colder weeks)
  • Waterproof boots with appropriate insulation for time of year (the guides love wearing rubber LaCrosse or Muck-style boots)
  • Camera or video camera
  • Thermos/insulated drink bottle to take on stand
  • Backpack to carry everything
  • Gun and late muzzleloader hunters– bring a solid orange vest required by law when hunting Free Range

Items for the Lodge

  • Personal hygiene products (don’t worry if you forget something, we may have extra toiletries on hand or can run to town and get it)
  • Prescription medications
  • Chargers for electronics
  • Comfortable clothing to wear in the evening
  • Slippers to wear around the lodge (Crocs are a favorite, but tennis shoes work well too)
  • Good hunting stories, a few jokes, and some words of wisdom

Ship Items Via FedEx or UPS for Your Hunt

If you prefer to ship some of your items rather than fly with them, mail them to the address below. We will have them waiting for you in your room when you arrive!

19789 Seven Ponds Rd.
Sperry, IA 52650

For More Insight on Preparing for Your Hunting Trip, Visit Our Package Options