Timberghost Iowa Whitetail Hunting FAQ

Iowa Hunting Tag & Licensing Process 

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) facilitates the process of drawing a hunting tag in the state of Iowa through an annual lottery. Each year, hunters apply and enter a preference point-based draw through the DNR and a limited number of tags are awarded. Having helped thousands of hunters over the past 20 years, Timberghost takes into account what season a hunter prefers and helps implement a plan for the best path within the shortest time frame possible to get you in the Iowa woods. Since it is a preference point-based lottery, we typically recommend purchasing preference points each year until you have accumulated enough points to successfully draw a tag and plan your hunt with confidence. If we have availability and you feel lucky, you can attempt to draw a tag with fewer points. If you do not draw a tag, you will automatically earn a preference point and therefore your application has a better chance of being drawn the following year.

How to Apply for a Whitetail Tag in Iowa

As a free service to you, Timberghost assists each of our hunters with the application process. You may also choose to apply for a tag on your own.

  1. Fill Out Your DNR Application
  2. Pay Preference Point & License Costs
  3. Wait for Results to be Posted

Whitetail Tag Process Details

  • The application period is approximately from May 1 to June 1
  • Results of the draw usually posted by mid-July
  • Timberghost has no control over who will draw or not draw a tag for any given year
  • If you do not draw a tag, you will receive a refund less the cost of a preference point
  • The more preference points accumulated, the better chance you will draw a tag

Apply for a Whitetail Tag with Timberghost

Download and mail in the form below and the Timberghost management will personally begin your whitetail application through the DNR for you. If you prefer to handle the process on your own, visit the Iowa DNR.