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What to Expect on the Timberghost Free Range

In any given week of the season, hunters can expect to utilize several different stands on several different properties based on wind direction and current activity, in order to not burn out any single stand location. Thanks to keeping our hunting pressure limited to one hunter per 100 acres per year, you are sure to have the best chance of crossing paths with a mature, trophy Iowa whitetail. Each Timberghost free range hunt is a semi-guided five-day experience.

Enjoy exclusive hunting rights on over six square miles of incredible habitat located in the state known for its trophy whitetail potential. Timberghost has over 15 different whitetail hunting properties from 80 to 600 acres and are spread out over a 45-mile radius from the lodge. When you successfully draw an Iowa tag, an experience like none other awaits you. Our guides spend countless hours managing our private, free range property, and we use nothing short of the best when it comes to stand safety and comfort. With industry-leading gear and over 100 trail cameras, hunters can be confident they are hunting active areas with real opportunities for that trophy whitetail they hope to encounter on their semi-guided hunt.

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Iowa Whitetail Free Range Hunting Properties with Timberghost

Take advantage of exclusive hunting rights on over six square miles of property—located right in the middle of some of the most productive trophy ground in North America. Properties range in size from 80 to 600 acres and are spread out over a 45-mile radius from the Timberghost lodge. Our expert guides spend countless hours planting and caring for food plots, watching deer trails, studying property aerials, cataloging trail camera photos, and preparing stand locations to create the perfect opportunity for harvesting a mature Iowa whitetail. There is no guesswork—we don’t subscribe to being lucky.

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Don’t Wait Another Year to Plan the Whitetail Hunt of Your Dreams

Iowa Whitetail Deer Hunting Tag & Licensing

Iowa is a preference point-based draw, and there are only a limited amount of tags awarded each year. The application period with the Iowa DNR is approximately from May 1 – June 1, with results of the draw usually posted by mid-July. While Timberghost has no control over who will or will not draw a tag for any given year, we assist hunters with the application process to get points and enter for a tag. As a service to you, we submit most hunters’ applications for no charge. Gun hunters typically take two years to draw a license while archery hunters normally require three or four years to draw a tag.

Each year that you apply for a license or tag, a non-refundable $500 deposit is required to reserve your dates. All deposits received will be applied to your hunt cost the year you successfully draw a tag. The deposit does not cover license fees that are charged by the state of Iowa.

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