New Browning Trail Cameras on Timberghost’s Free Range

The preparation for Iowa whitetail hunting season is always full of anticipation, but this year the scouting capabilities at Timberghost are getting an upgrade.  One day in August after a day of work, I came home to see a pile of boxes sitting in the garage, which is not unusual for this time of year as we prepare for deer season to get underway, but today was different.  They were finally here: over 100 new Browning Strike Force Pro XD trail cameras.  

Earlier in the year we spent several days testing various models from several different manufacturers, but finally settled on the Browning Strike Force Pro XD trail cameras.  They proved to have excellent trigger speed and beautiful daytime photos.   We looked at several different brands of trail cameras over the summer, comparing photo quality, trigger speed, nighttime clarity.  I have never been a big fan of IR models, but you can hardly find a camera with a white flash anymore as all the major companies have moved away from white flash despite the superior picture quality, but one must change with the times. The Browning cameras were some of the best we tested for quality night photo’s that were IR. 

They actually have a setting for fast action that worked well for freezing motion at night that seemed to remove almost all the blur from the night photos without sacrificing the distance too much.  We could have done a report like a lot of others and written up test results, but the reality is we have been dealing with trail cameras since 2000.  You remember the days of giant D-cell batteries and a roll of 35mm film.  Trail cameras have come a long way since then and we have walked down the same road as they improved, both in price points and quality.  After over 20 years of trying the new, going back to the old, and looking for the next great camera , we feel pretty comfortable saying we wish every trail camera company would produce a quality white flash camera, but with the limited choices from that standpoint, the Browning Strike Force Pro XD is an incredible camera at a great price.

With over 4,000 acres and four new farms to explore on our free range this year, it is time to get to work and begin the long process of installing batteries and programming all of these guys so we can get them out and see what giant whitetails are lurking in the fields and woods of Southeast Iowa this fall.  It should be a fun year, as growth looked great and we have already seen some great bucks out and about just while driving home at night.