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The Preferred Midwest Whitetail Hunting Destination

For over 20 years, Timberghost has provided hunters of all skill levels with elite, all-inclusive and unforgettable whitetail hunting experiences. Based out of Mediapolis, Iowa, the staff at Timberghost invites you to hunt trophy whitetail deer, explore thousands of acres of hunting ground, and relax in our premier lodge.

Timberghost From the Beginning

In 1998, Timberghost opened its doors to a few lucky whitetail enthusiasts at the beginning of what has grown into one of the premier trophy whitetail destinations in North America. We have spent a lifetime perfecting Timberghost—creating the ultimate opportunity to enjoy an authentic hunt for truly incredible whitetails.

Situated in the bluff country of southeastern Iowa, it is no accident that Timberghost is located in the heart of the finest whitetail hunting in the country. Our priority is to give each of our guests a hunting experience that exceeds their wildest expectations, regardless of whether you prefer to hunt in our intensively-managed preserve or out on exclusive free-range properties. Our skilled guide staff has proven themselves over the years to have both the knowledge and wisdom necessary to make sure our clients enjoy a truly unique and authentic hunt while pursuing mature whitetails through the mazes of heavily wooded hollows, agricultural fields and meandering creek bottoms of southeast Iowa. From the quality of our game to the quality of your hunt, everyone involved at Timberghost has but one goal: to make sure you enjoy the hunting adventure of a lifetime.

Partners and Industry Friends

Conroe Taxidermy
Lone Wolf
American Precision Arms
Whitetail Institute
Browning Trail Cameras
Sitka Gear
Safari Club International (SCI)


A hunter poses with his trophy whitetail.
Talk about finding a diamond in the rough. This place is quite amazing on so many levels. Besides having one of the most beautiful landscapes of rolling hardwoods, cedar thickets, creek bottoms and time-well-spent manicured food plots that you could ever imagine, this place is a haven for large large large beautiful whitetail.  This place is a must if you want to feel like your home when you arrive and feel like family when you leave. Even better are the reunions!!!!! Gotta come back!

-Nicholas Hill, Virginia

A hunter poses with his trophy whitetail.
After 15 years of hunting at Timberghost look forward to it like coming home to friends, family, and the best deer hunting in the world.

Scott Shultz, Minnesota

A hunter poses with his trophy whitetail.
I went back to Timberghost after my unsuccessful first trip due to the quality operation and professional hardworking staff. I’m glad I did. I’ll be back with them as soon as the state sees fit to give me another Iowa whitetail tag. I know the chances of improving on my Boone and Crockett class buck isn’t good, but I’m confident the staff will supply me with a quality free-range hunt.

Tim Neal, Idaho

I guess I was spoiled by how well you and the personnel at Timberghost treated us. I had wrongly assumed that all outfitters provided such services. Boy was I wrong. If you have room we would love to come back for another Iowa shotgun season.

Trent Howell, Mississippi

A hunter poses with his trophy whitetail.
Timberghost has always been to me my favorite place to chase whitetails!!! Not only for the quality of deer but more for myself becoming part of the Timberghost family!!!

Bax Backman, Indiana

Enjoy the Thrill & Camaraderie of the Hunt with Expert Timberghost Guides