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Free Range Hunting Properties
We have exclusive hunting rights on over 6 square miles of incredible whitetail habitat located right in the middle of some of the most productive trophy ground in North America.  Our properties range from 80 to 600 acres and are spread out in a 40 mile radius from the lodge. We spend many hours planting and caring for food plots, watching deer trails, studying trail camara photos, and preparing stand locations to create the perfect scenario to harvest your mature Iowa whitetail. We use Lone Wolf lock on stands, Rhino ground blinds, Millennium ladder stands, and Shadowhunter box blinds to give us over 130 exciting stand locations throughout our properties.  We use over 60 Cuddeback trail cameras to scout our properties each year so we know what deer are in the area and where the most active areas are.  All of these numbers change each year as we add new properties and stand locations in an effort to provide more and better hunting opportunities.  In any given week hunters can expect to hunt a number of different stands based on wind direction and current activity so that we do not burn out any one stand location.  With hunting pressure limited to 1 hunter per 100 acres per year we work hard to make sure every hunter has the opportunity to hunt for mature Iowa trophies and that every property has the potential to have world class deer on it at any given time.  Free Range hunts are semi-guided 5 day hunts.  All Free Range hunts include lodging, meals, guide, and tax.  Not included are preference points/license/tags and shipping of cape,antlers, or meat. Gratuities are optional.  In order to book a spot, a $500 deposit is required each year you apply and will be applied to the cost of the hunt once a tag is drawn.

Free Range Lease Pics