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Gun Packages

Free Range Gun Hunting Packages
P13 Gun-1:                                           $5,800 FRA7
Gun-2:                                           $5,800
Late Muzzleloader:                      $5,800
–Gun-1 and Gun-2 hunters can use either shotgun or muzzleloader
–If a hunter harvests a buck scoring over 140 we will issue a $1,000 credit towards a future hunt.
–If a hunter does not harvest or wound a buck we will issue a $1,500 credit towards a future hunt.
–not included: license fees and staff gratuities

The Gun1 and Gun 2 hunts take place the first two weeks of December while the Late Muzzleloader hunts take place Jan 3rd through January 9th. All gun hunts include 5 full days of hunting. Bring the warm stuff as these hunts can have temperatures down to or even below zero. The good news is the deer are done with the love struck wandering and are focused on food to build up their condition to make the long winter more bearable. We plant lots of winter food plots and typically spend the mornings on bottle necks and travel corridors to and from food while the evenings are normally spent glassing coveted food sources. We normally have 2-3 hunters per guide and will have up to 10 gun hunters in camp for each of the gun seasons and 6-8 hunters during our late muzzleloader. Over the years we have had success rates as low as 50% and as high as 100% with the average year being about 78%. The average buck brought into camp has scored 144 over the years with our largest buck scoring 206 gross B&C. These are muzzleloader or shotgun only.

Free Range Gun