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Application Process

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  Drawing a Nonresident Iowa tag can be a frustrating process, but we are here to help.  By applying through the office we take care of getting your application in on time and ensure it is done correctly.  If we are putting the application in through the office it will also guarantee that you have a spot the year you do draw your tag.  Of course, if you like to take care of this yourself it is not too difficult, but we can not guarantee there will be an opening the year you draw. We typically have all of our gun hunters apply ofr a preference point the first year they apply so that they can pretty much count on getting a tag the next time they apply as we normally draw 100% of our gun hunters that have one preference point. By doing this we help both our hunters and ourselves by creating pretty firm schedules so we can both plan for the trip. Archery hunters have a little harder draw, but the same process.  We normally have our archery hunters apply for preference points for 2 years and try to draw a tag the third year they put in for a license.  We normally draw about 95% of the archery hunters that have 2 preference points, but every once in a while somebody has to wait one more year.  take 2 years to draw a license while archery hunters normally require 3 years to draw a tag. If you choose to have us handle the application and book dates we will bill out for a $500 deposit that will be applied to the cost of your hunt the year you draw.  In February of each following year we will bill out an additional $500 deposit to keep your dates secure and submit your application.  The deposit does not cover license fees that will be charged by the state of Iowa.  Fees can vary, but in the past few years preference points have  cost close to$60 and the  license/tags  approximately $570..  All deposits received will be applied to your hunt cost the year you successfully draw a tag.  Successful applicants will be required to pay half of the remaining balance of their hunt cost in July with the balance due 60 days prior to their hunt dates.  All deposits are non refundable. **If you were born after January 1, 1972 and I do not have a hunter safety certificate on file we will need a copy sent in with your application in order to process your application