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Management Hunts

Base Price of $4,200 Superhunt12
3 day/4 night hunts for bucks scoring up to 150 SCI

Every great hunting preserve starts with quality management. Management deer are by nature either bucks that have passed their prime or don’t have the genetic potential to become a Timberghost trophy, but that definitely doesn’t mean they are small in size or that the hunt lacks anything but the same first class service and incredible hunting experience all our guests have come to expect.Timberghost considers anything mature and scoring under 180 a management deer, and in some cases there are management bucks that score even more. Hunters can upgrade to harvest a larger management for an additional cost. Upgrades generally run $500-$4,000 and are determined in the field by the guide based on age and score. These hunts require a $1,000 deposit to hold dates

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