Preserve Hunting | Trophy


Trophy Hunts: $9,500-$12,500
4 day/5 night hunts for mature bucks scoring over 160

The result of a great management program is a trophy hunting environment without equal. Trophy hunts are what the preserve at Timberghost is managed for — mature world-class deer!

Timberghost trophy hunters typically average over 190 for the year and the ranch produces numerous trophies over  250 every year.  Our hunters have harvested several typicals over 200 up to 225 SCI and dozens of non-typicals over 200 SCI with our largest scoring just under 300 SCI. Hunters enjoy incredible hunting experiences for monster bucks throughout our 2 month trophy season taking high scoring bucks all the way through the end of season.  At Timberghost, the hunting experience is as important as the size of your trophy, we strive for both to exceed your expectations.  That is why our pricing is not based on the inch, but rather the week you come hunting.  The later in the season, the less expensive the hunt.  The last thing we want you worrying about when you get that buck of a lifetime in your sights is how much he is going to cost.  We want you caught up in the exhilaration and thrill of the hunt that all of us search for every fall.

Whether you are stand-hunting over food plots, rattling an old bruiser out of the thickets, or still-hunting the ridges as you search the hollows and bottoms you and your guide will hunt hard for 4 days and 5 nights for some of the largest deer in the nation!